I live in a wonderful part of the world just 20 minutes south east of Perth Western Australia, in the beautiful foothills.
I am in awe of the ever changing beauty that this area presents on a daily basis.I have had a passion for photography for many years, still remembering the fascination I had with my Dad's box brownie back in the fifties. I couldn't get enough of it.

I still recall the first camera that I bought. It was a Minolta 35mm Hi-Matic-E. I took thousands of photos with that little beauty. The only small annoyance before digital cameras back then, was having to fill the roll and then wait to get them developed. So, after having to pay for prints that were hit and miss or not that inspiring, quickly taught me that getting it right was the best way to save a few shillings.

Since I began and even now, whilst I had a reasonable camera I relied on 3 basic rules to produce terrific photos:
1) a great subject   2) good framing and   3) good exposure.

Today's quality digital SLR cameras however, have seen the demise of film developing. Now, you shoot, check the results on the LCD screen and if it's not right you can re shoot immediately (most of the time) until you get it right.
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